History As You've Never Seen it Before

Dan Snow

‘Its the new Horrible Histories!’ BBC Radio Devon
‘It’s Genius…’ Paul Ross, Talk Radio
‘Fun, witty, and fast-paced, you’ll enjoy this innovative approach to telling history’ BBC History Weekend
‘Irreverent, witty, and fabulously well informed’ James Holland
I love the early morning school run, mainly because of ‘Histories of the Unexpected’ @jaco_m_kristiansen
I love @unexpectedpod but you know my favourite part? @JamesDaybell laughing. The mirth makes me laugh too, and usually when I’m on the train @Eko_orb
A massive personal thankyou to @drsamwillis and @jamesdaybell for signing my books, giving such amazing advice and for generally humouring a historical nerd! Your talks was brilliant @missjasminepayne
My favourite podcast by miles Helen Radford on Facebook
It’s fantastic!! So fun and interesting Stacy Saul on Facebook
One of the most eclectic, informative podcasts available. An absolute delight Kevin Horner on Facebook

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