History Projects for kids! – Homeschooling 3

Friday, April 24th, 2020

History Projects for kids! – Homeschooling 3

This is the THIRD in this special series of Histories of the Unexpected Episodes geared towards homeschooling, as the United Kingdom and much of the globe enters into lockdown, schools close, and the world begins a period of isolation and educated online and at home. Over the next few weeks, we will endeavour to record a series of history podcast episodes catering for kids, parents and teachers, with the intention of providing interesting history material readily available to anyone interested in history, and with access to a device capable of receiving a podcast, and with access to the internet. It is aimed at audiences from 8-108!

In this HoTU Homeschooling Episode, James offers VIA FATTENING DORMICE IN ANCIENT ROME and A PRECOCIOUS TUDOR SCHOOLBOY a trio of ideas for History projects for kids: 1. An oral history project for kids to interview grandparents. 2. How we used to live – making shoebox models of a room in a historic house. 3. Be a young Historian of the Unexpected – listen to one of our episodes to produce your own animation or podcast!

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