90. Making of the Live Show

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Welcome to Histories of the Unexpected where you will discover the history of things you did not know even had a history, like the history of accidents or the history of dust.

For this episode Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell  are joined by their first ever live guest, playwright Daniel Jamieson, to discuss the making of one of the most bizarre productions he’s ever worked on, Histories of the Unexpected live show.

Let us join our thespian pair as they review the processes Daniel used to come up with the absolute brilliant concept that is our live show. From chimneys and watches, trunks and maps to constipated whales and the Titanic, and more besides, Daniel describes how he turned the chapters within the Histories of the Unexpected book into a truly show-stopping performance that engages the imagination and demonstrates how things link together in unexpected ways.   It’s all done by a magicians slight of hand, a string of sausages and some soup … well maybe not, but things have a way of unexpectedly happening!

If you’ve ever wondered just what the lady, or indeed gentleman, of nineteen  century America may have smelled of, well book a ticket to one of the shows and come and find out and we promise no live constipated whales!

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