Dr Sam Willis


27.01.19 – Lewes Literary Festival
02.02.19 – Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate, London
03.02.19 – Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate, London
11.02.19 – The House, University of Plymouth
17.3.19 – Aye Write Literary Festival, Glasgow
23.03.19 – Chagword Literary Festival
31.03.19 – Oxford Literary Festival
14.6.19 – Crediton Arts Centre
26.6.19 – Whitgift School
27.6.19 – Beaminster Festival
28-30.6.19 – Chalke Valley History Festival

Tickets available directly from the venues listed.

Our podcast and book has been adapted for a live audience by Daniel Jamieson, one of the country’s leading playwrights.

Histories of the Unexpected LIVE is an exciting new show that demonstrates how everything has a history, even the most unexpected of subjects, and how those subjects link together in unexpected ways.

What links together the Titanic, Pompeii, Neolithic cave painting, Victorian perfumes, electrical experiments on the human face, Charles I, Mary Queen of Scots, scalping, Elizabeth I, Nelson, Henry VIII, Proust, Hiroshima, the Duke of Wellington, slavery, scarification, Glaswegian gangs, Darwin, Shakespeare, mutiny, chimneys, a skull, a seventeenth century map of the world, shoes and gloves?

Well you’ll just have to come to find out…

James Daybell


Previous Dates

  • 28.09.18 Burnham, Princess Theatre & Arts Centre
  • 29.09.18 Appledore Literary Festival, North Devon
  • 03.10.18 Phoenix Theatre, Exeter
  • 05.10.18 Stowe Theatre
  • 06.10.18 BBC Winchester History Weekend
  • 12.10.18 Calstock Arts Centre
  • 13.10.18 Blenheim Literary Festival
  • 20.10.18 Wantage Literary Festival
  • 20.10.18 BBC York History Weekend
  • 21.10.18 Harrogate Literature Festival
  • 27.10.18 Minchinhampton Church
  • 27.10.18 Yeovil Literary Festival
  • 04.11.18 Dorchester Arts, Corn Exchange
  • 09.11.18 Uppingham Theatre
  • 16.11.18 Chichester Speakers Festival
  • 06.12.18 Town Hall, Topsham
  • 22.01.19 Downe House

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